FiveStarCable Cat6 Plenum Jacket Ethernet Cable, 1000 Feet – Blue




This Category 6 cable (Cat6) is made of 100% bare copper wire as opposed to copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire, therefore fully compliant with UL Listed, with pure bare copper wire in Cat6 communications cables. CMP Rated Plenum cables are self extinguish and not reignite, which is appropriate for meeting the fire codes and safety requirements of installing cabling into the plenum spaces. Specifications * Cable Type: CAT6 * Cable Length: 305 m/1000 ft. * OD: 6 ? 0.15 mm * Cable Conductor Material: 100% Copper * Conductor size: 1/ 0.52?0.008mm * Cable Jacket Material: CMP Flame Retardant PVC * Cable Gauge: 23 AWG * Cable Performance: 550 MHz * Cable Structure: Solid UTP * Cable In-Wall Rating: CMP


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